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We proudly partner with Epic Machinery & are Queensland preferred sales & service engineers for Epic new & used equipment. 
If your looking for Australian made tough 
Panbrakes | Guillotine | Folders, give us a call. 
Australian Made Quality.
Ph: 0412 895 289
Ph: 07 55467077

New Machinery: Product




Standard features:

  • 150mm Depth.

  • K1042 Grade clamping fingers.

  • High tensile apron blade.

  • Head clamping through trunnion bearings mounted on the center line of side frames to minimize head deflection.

  • Low voltage 24Volt electrics (Australian made)

  • Machined front support.

  • Bend angle up to 130 degrees. Allowing for flattening of light material

  • European hydraulic systems.

Optional features:

  • High tensile spring steel insert in the top of the bed.

  • Ball screw back gauge works in conjunction with 10 station controller converting the machine into a 2 – axis machine Pan brake.

  • Hand wheel operated back gauge.

  • One-piece clamping blade with high tensile steel insert.

  • Guarding to suit specific regulations or categories (Laser sensors)


Machine Lengths

  • 1257mm

  • 1860mm

  • 2500mm

  • 3070mm

  • 3710mm


Machine capacities:

  • 2mm Mild steel (25mm Thick Clamping System)

  • 4mm Mild steel (40mm Thick Clamping System)

  • 6.5mm Mild steel (50mm Thick Clamping System)


(All Epic pan brakes and folders are 1800mm in height and 1300mm Wide)

Epic 2.5 x 2 mm Hydraulic Pan Brake

Epic guillotines are tough and a quality engineered product, the unique design incorporates fully machined heavy duty slides, lined with brass - which guides the 'top cutting' beam. This eliminates the machine twist if material heavier than the machine capacity is used. Their design provides customers with a reliable machine, with accurate cutting and a long life.

The machine will stop down travel on both ends of the machine at exactly the same time...which eliminates the risk of twisting and possible damage to the machine

Standard features:

  • Adjustable Table Support Bars with Inserted Ball Transfers

  • Unique hydraulic design eliminates and chances of machine twist. On the chance that material heavier then machine capacity is used, the machine will stop down travel on both ends of the machine immediately. This decreases the twisting force which can change the blade gap settings,

  • Vee type full length hydraulic bar clamp.

  • Double acting hydraulic clamps insures that the material is clamped and then clamp is lifted of the material before the blade goes back up.

  • Secure safe material clamping allows for operator to cut anywhere along the machine table.

  • European hydraulics.

  • Australian electrics.

  • All parts readily available Australian wide.

  • Fabricated rear Shute for off cut material.

  • D2 Australian made blades.

  • Roving foot pedal control.

  • Front squaring arm & front sheet support.

  • Rear infrared guarding.

  • Top cutting beam is guided by fully machined, heavy duty slides, lined with brass to provide long life and an excellent cut (Fully adjustable)

  • Electrics on all external devices such as foot pedals and limit switches is kept to a safe operating voltage of 24Volts.

  • Grease points for lubrication

Optional features

  • Hand Operated Back gauge

  • Electronic controlled ball screw back gauge

  • Ball transferred table system

  • Flat Plates to attach original Table Support Bars

  • Flat machined table (Ideal for Stainless Steel)

  • Shadow line system (Standard on 3070UD5 Guillotines)

  • Overhead lighting

  • Pneumatic sheet supports

  • Individual clamping cylinders

  • Nolathane padded individual clamping system for delicate and non-makeable materials

  • Vee belt padded bar clamping system for delicate and non-makeable materials

  • Extended and extra squaring bar available

  • Necessary guarding to suit specific safety category’s or requirements (Useful option for Tafe colleges, Education and government departments)

  • Variable rake system: A feature more common on dearer machines, Epic’s optional affordable smart design rake adjustment allows for a quick and easy material thickness adjustment operated using a graduated handle

Machine lengths:

1250mm, 2500mm, 3070mm and 3710mm

Machine capacities:

  • UD3 Model – Up to 3mm Mild steel.

  • UD4 Model – Up to 4mm Mild steel.

  • UD5 Model – Up to 5mm Mild steel.

  • UD6 Model – Up to 6mm Mild steel.

Epic UD3/4 Guillotine
Epic UD6 Guillotine
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